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How Much Can You Get From A Bus Accident?

Bus accidents occur less frequently than car accidents, but they can have devastating effects. If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you may be wondering how much can you get from a bus accident in Florida. Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question. Every case is different, and the amount of money you receive will depend on the specific details of your case.

This article will discuss some of the factors that go into determining the amount of a bus accident claim. It will also talk about the steps that you need to take in order to file a claim and receive compensation for your injuries.

If you were involved in a bus accident, you should immediately contact your insurance company to file a bus accident claim. However, be sure to get in touch with an experienced lawyer from the firm of Jared Spingarn, P.A. Your lawyer will help you file an accident claim for bus accidents and pursue a settlement on your behalf.

What is the average settlement for bus accidents in Florida?

No one wants to be injured in a bus accident. But if you are a bus accident victim, you deserve to receive fair compensation for your injuries. In Florida, the value of a bus accident settlement and lawsuit often depends on the extent of the bus accident injuries. Additionally, the damages sustained by the bus passengers, bus drivers, and other victims are also taken into account. Although bus accidents are not as common as car accidents, the damages can be severe especially if the accident involved a school bus and other motor vehicles.

So, how much money do you get from a crash? Bus accident settlements can range from as low as $3,000 to as high as $75,000. In some cases, the settlement amount can reach six digits.

What is the average settlement for bus accidents in Florida

It would be difficult to determine what defines a fair settlement. In most bus accident lawsuits, the defendant’s legal team will do their best to argue for a low settlement amount. You must prove the extent of the injuries you sustained as well as economic and non-economic damages to argue for a higher settlement.

Many accident victims are not aware of how much a fair settlement is in bus accident cases. Most of the time, this question arises once a settlement has already been reached. A fair settlement will depend on the amount of economic and non-economic damages you sustained. These damages include medical bills, lost wages, financial losses, pain and suffering, future medical treatment, and more.

The best way to get a fair settlement is to consult with a knowledgeable attorney who can help you with your case. At the law offices of Jared Spingarn, P.A., experienced accident attorneys are ready to take your case to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

How does Florida’s no-fault law affect bus accident settlements?

Florida is a no-fault state. All motor vehicle owners are required to have personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. PIP coverage will cover your injuries in case you get into an accident. And because of Florida’s no-fault system, you should receive compensation from your PIP coverage regardless of who caused the accident. PIP coverage also travels with you, so even if you were a passenger on the bus at the time of the accident, it should still cover your medical expenses and lost wages. A standard PIP policy has a minimum coverage of $10,000. The bus company involved in the accident is also liable.

PIP coverage should be enough to cover the medical expenses for minor injuries. But for more serious physical injuries, the medical bill will likely exceed $10,000. In this case, you have the option to use additional PIP coverage or health insurance, if you are a policyholder. But if not, you can opt to file a claim against the party at fault to reach a settlement.

In Florida, you are required to file an insurance claim first under your PIP coverage. You can only file a lawsuit if the extent of your personal injuries is deemed to be severe. Severe injuries include dis-figuration, dismemberment, loss of function, paralysis, and in the worst cases, death, which often occurs in bus crashes An attorney from Jared’s team can assist you with the legal process from the time of the accident up to the time you receive fair compensation in a settlement.

Bus Accident Case Worth: How are bus accident settlements determined?

The details of your accident will determine the amount that you can claim in a personal injury lawsuit. Several factors will affect how a bus accident settlement value is determined. These include the incurred and future medical expenses, current and future lost wages, property damage, and non-economic damages.

Bus Accident Case Worth How are bus accident settlements determined

As settlements can vary depending on the situation, and no situation is exactly the same, it is best to hire the best legal representation for your case. Getting into a bus accident that resulted in serious injuries is a traumatic experience, so it is recommended to get a good lawyer from the law firm of Jared Spingarn, Jared’s experienced attorney can help you feel at ease while building a healthy attorney-client relationship with you. They will help you obtain a clear understanding of the details of your personal injury claim and settlement.

What is the difference between economic and non-economic damages?

The damages that you can successfully file a claim for are categorized into economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages refer to financial losses that are perceptible and easily accounted for. These include medical bills, property damage, and lost wages.

On the other hand, non-economic damages are those that are subjective, non-financial losses, and may be difficult to quantify. Some examples of non-economic damages are disfigurement, loss of joy in life, loss of companionship, and pain and suffering.

For instance, if you were driving a car that collided with a bus, your front fender may have been damaged. The cost of the damaged fender is quantifiable, economic damage. You must get an estimate from an auto repair shop to get the exact cost of the damage sustained.

After the same accident, you experienced anxiety while driving, leading you to experience mental anguish while out on the road. This is a type of non-economic damage that cannot be easily quantified because your anxiety and emotions are subjective, and no one else can measure it for you.

Economic Damages

The following are the different types of economic damages that you can sustain after a bus accident. Because economic damages are quantifiable, you must have a complete list of all the expenses down to the last cent. This record can help you successfully file a claim.

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses are one of the economic damages that can be settled in a lawsuit. Although a person’s insurance coverage should cover minor injuries, the coverage amount is likely not enough to cover more severe injuries. Many bus accident victims file a lawsuit for their injuries especially if they resulted in a loss of mobility, even if only temporary.


Broken bones or fractures are common injuries sustained by bus accident victims. These are considered severe injuries because they will need immediate medical treatment. When a bus collides with another vehicle or an obstruction on the road at a high speed, there is a high possibility that the passengers of both vehicles will sustain serious injuries. Broken bones occur because the victims are thrown about inside the bus and can even be thrown from the vehicle upon impact.

Brain or Spinal Cord Injuries

Injuries to the brain or spinal cord are some of the worst injuries in a bus accident. If the victim’s head, neck, or back sustains injuries from the crash, it can have devastating effects. Brain injuries can lead to loss of motor function, paralysis, and even death. Even a simple bang on the head can lead to severe concussions that can affect an individual’s physical and mental state. Spinal cord injuries, meanwhile, can lead to paralysis or loss of mobility. Because the backbone protects several nerves that are critical for motor function, an injury to the spinal cord can lead to a lifetime of assistive care.

Future Medical Expenses

When filing a claim, you need to present a complete record of all the medical expenses you incurred due to the bus accident. Often, bus accident settlements should also include future medical expenses. For instance, a traumatic brain injury may require a course of treatment that lasts for several weeks or months. An expert bus accident attorney from the firm of Jared Spingarn can ensure that these expenses are included in the settlement that you will be receiving.

Lost Wages

Lost wages are also considered economic damages that you are entitled to receive compensation for. When you get into a bus accident, you may sustain injuries that limit your ability to work. This means that the wages you should have received if healthy are lost. Although some employers still pay injured employees on their time off, not all companies implement this practice.

You will need to provide information about your lost wages to include it in your settlement amount. The law firm of Jared Spingarn, P.A. can help you collect all the pertinent information to back up your case. Generally, you will need to include your tax returns or pay slips with your medical records to prove your lost wages.

As mentioned, your injuries may need additional medical treatment depending on their severity. This means that you will not only lose wages in the few days after the accident. You may not be able to work for several weeks or months after. In the worst cases, the victim is forced to switch careers or stop working altogether. Thus, in a bus accident settlement, your future lost wages are also taken into account depending on the severity of your injury.

Property Damage

Property damage is another economic loss that can be compensated for in a bus accident lawsuit. If the accident caused damage to your vehicle, you can file a personal injury claim against the insurance company of the at-fault bus driver. The settlement amount will cover the repairs or replacement of your vehicle.

You will need to present receipts or other documentation of the damage to your vehicle. An experienced bus accident lawyer from Jared’s law offices can help you determine the value of your property damage and ensure that it is included in the final bus accident settlement.

Non-economic Damages

In addition to economic damages, you may also be compensated for non-economic losses. These are more difficult to quantify but are just as important. Non-economic damages include pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of companionship.

Pain and suffering refers to the physical pain that you experience because of your injuries. Emotional distress, on the other hand, refers to the psychological effects of the accident such as anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If your spouse or child was killed in the accident, you may also be able to file a wrongful death suit. This type of lawsuit allows the surviving family members to recover damages for their loss.

The amount that you can receive for non-economic losses will depend on the severity of your injuries and the impact that they have had on your life. An experienced bus accident attorney or personal injury lawyer can help you prove the extent of your damages and ensure that you are compensated fairly.

How long does it take to settle bus accident lawsuits in Florida

How long does it take to settle bus accident lawsuits in Florida?

In general, bus accident cases can be settled within three to six months. If the case needs to go to trial, it will take much longer. How long your case takes also depends on how serious your injuries are and how many people were involved in the accident. Bus accident claims can also vary in length if the claim involves a government entity because of the legal process involved. School or city bus accident settlements are included in this category. If you have suffered severe injuries, it is important to speak with a personal injury lawyer from the firm of Jared Spingarn, P.A. as soon as possible so they can help you get the compensation you deserve in a bus accident case.


A bus accident can have a major impact on your life. If you have been involved in such an accident, it is important to know what types of compensation you may be entitled to. Be sure to get in touch with Jared Spingarn – an experienced bus accident lawyer who can help you understand your rights and ensure that you are fairly compensated for your losses if you’re involved in a bus accident case.

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